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Product Offering
Sheave Wheels

KEW Foundries, with the exception of sheave wheels and its associated parts, is a supplier of SG and cast iron castings to original equipment manufacturers and does not supply finished products to the aftermarket.

Girth Gears and Spur Gears

The technology gained with over 40 years’ casting experience of mining head gear and sheave wheels has enabled KEW Foundries to cast girth gears and spur gears quickly and efficiently.

Suited to heavy engineering industries such as mining and power generation, girth gears are cast in SG iron, while spur gears are cast in various grades of Grey and SG iron.

Casting girth gears and spur gears in Grey or SG iron is a cost-effective alternative to steel castings or fabrication, and is easier to machine.

Sizes available:

Able to cast components up to 7 000kg in weight enables KEW Foundries to produce half gears – totalling 14 000kg, or quarter gears – totalling 28 000kg in casting weight.

Girth Gears
Gear wheel Spur Gears
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