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Product Offering
Sheave Wheels

KEW Foundries, with the exception of sheave wheels and its associated parts, is a supplier of SG and cast iron castings to original equipment manufacturers and does not supply finished products to the aftermarket.

Heavy Duty Brake Drums

KEW Foundries casts heavy duty brake drums up to 7 000kg in weight for OEMs involved mainly in the mining and shipping industries, such as Concise Engineering, DSG Consultants and Full Circle.

The heavy duty brake drums are cast in all grades of Grey and SG iron which offer numerous benefits over steel cast products:

  • Easier to machine
  • Design-friendly
  • Castings and fabrications are more cost-effective

Other heavy duty brake drum components cast by KEW Foundries include:

  • Hubs
  • Spiders
  • Sprockets

Heavy Duty Drums

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