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Product Offering
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KEW Foundries manufactures an extensive range of sheave wheels, supplied globally. With over 100 years of experience, the company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of this product.

Our offering:

  • Headgear sheave wheels up to 7,1 metre outside diameter in a single or cluster format
  • Doubling down sheave wheels
  • Compensating sheave wheels (all including spindles and bearing)
  • Kibble sheave wheels
  • Stage sheave wheel assemblies (headgear and stage mounted)
  • On-site checking and engineer reports on existing installations
  • Re-conditioning of existing installations

Enhanced Designs

We continually seek new ways to improve on designs, working with customers in developing products that are reliable, efficient, and require less maintenance, and thus assist with ensuring a minimum of downtime.

Safety First

We offer on-site inspections to gather pertinent data that will be used to design and produce the safest, most cost-effective solution for these safety-critical items.

International Reputation

KEW Foundries is an accredited supplier to all major mining groups in South Africa and has exported wheels to several countries, including America, Angola, Australia, Canada, Chile, Finland, Ghana, Namibia, Tanzania and Zambia. The company has had major inputs in the preparation of specifications for the relevant mining authorities of the aforementioned countries.

In addition to manufacture, the company will arrange packaging, containerisation, fumigation, insurance, transport and shipping to international destinations, all in terms of international standards and Incoterms.

What our customers have to say:"The quality of workmanship and the highly competitive prices offered by KEW Foundries makes the company a preferred provider, when selecting a sheave wheel supplier. KEW Foundries have consistently supplied solutions which meet our extremely high safety requirements, and we feel that for projects of this magnitude, it is vital to use products which can be trusted to deliver the highest degree of safety possible."

Petra Dippenaar, Group Procurement Manager, Shaft Sinkers


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